The complete sending unit can be removed from the gas tank without removing the tank itself. All that is necessary is to disconnect the gas-line and disconnect the wiring harness. There is then a circular retainer that holds the entire sending tight into the tank. Using a screwdriver and hammer, you can tap on the retainer tabs to rotate the retainer a few degrees in the counter-clockwise direction to release the entire unit. It is obviously important to ensure that you have less than about tank of gas while undertaking this procedure! The photo below is the complete sending unit, including the brass float.



The photo below is close-up of the electrical connection into the sending unit.



Here is a close-up of the brass float (below). In my case, the float had a pinhole leak in it (note the slight gas stain at the top of the float), which caused the float to fill up with gas and therefore cause my gas gauge to always read empty. A new float cost only $5.00 (in 2001) from either Auto Krafters ( or The T-Bird Sanctuary in Oregon (1-800-275-2661 for orders or 503-692-9848 for other enquiries).